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While our projects are exciting and challenging, office life is enjoyable and easygoing. There is a team atmosphere in everything we do.

The right person will thrive in this kind of environment and will be welcomed as part of a dedicated team!

On an individual level, my favorite aspect of working for RH2 is being assigned tasks and projects which stretch my abilities without overwhelming me. I have the opportunity to learn technical skills, grow as a young professional engineer, and contribute to my team and the industry in meaningful ways that keep me engaged. On a company- wide level, I am thankful that our team collectively has such a breadth of knowledge, allowing us to design challenging and exciting projects.

Alex F. (Staff Engineer)
Joined RH2 in 2012

This company creates a very positive atmosphere for its employees. They value family commitments and allow people to develop skills in areas in which they have an interest. I think the low turnover rate speaks volumes for the quality of the workplace in RH2.

Jim B. (Senior Scientist)
Joined RH2 in 2004

I chose RH2 because it is in a growing industry and is a growing business. RH2 hires a strong work force thus they can trust employees to manage their own work and I am able to learn from more experienced engineers. Did I mention RH2 pays overtime?

Tim E. (SCADA Engineer)
Joined RH2 in 2016

From continual learning of new disciplines and skills, to public speaking and presentation opportunities, to project management – the possibilities for career growth are seemingly endless. I have always felt encouraged to continue learning and developing professionally at RH2.

Alicia P. (Environmental Scientist)
Joined RH2 in 2001

To sum up RH2 Engineering in two words: excellence and appreciation. RH2 is a fantastic company that does great things. Leadership and peers alike appreciate everyone within the walls of RH2, creating a family-like atmosphere of people who succeed individually and as a team. RH2’s President and Directors see employees as people, recognizing them and helping them to succeed personally and professionally. What a great place to work!

Bret B. (Principal)
Joined RH2 in 1998