Celebrating Our 40th Anniversary

Celebrating Our 40th Anniversary 2018-10-17T10:27:09+00:00

For 40 years, RH2 has provided exceptional service and solutions to municipalities throughout the Pacific Northwest. We take pride in our wide-range of in-house engineering and technical capabilities, and commitment to bettering our communities for future generations. We have always placed substantial importance on cultivating excellent relationships with our clients; it’s a cornerstone of our identity. This incredible service is possible because of the hard work and dedication of our talented staff, and the belief that relationships drive our line of work.

Looking back, we have a lot to be proud of. Not only have we grown steadily in size and services, but we’ve pioneered many innovative technologies and processes that have been crucial in providing our clients with solutions that benefit their customers, systems, facilities, and infrastructure for years to come. As we look to the future, we are excited about continuing our dedication to positively impact our client, industry, and communities.

To commemorate this impressive milestone, we are turning the focus outward, and committing to giving back. Many of us are already very involved within our own communities through a variety of charitable organizations, and community activities and events, but we are taking this opportunity to give back more collectively. We look forward to cultivating a more philanthropic culture within our company, and continuing to reach out and make a difference in the Pacific Northwest.