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3.7 MG Reservoir Improvements



Shoreline, WA

North City Water District





RH2 assisted North City Water District (formerly Shoreline Water District) in improving their 3.7 MG reservoir. The reservoir is more than one hundred feet tall and located on the crest of a hillside in the City of Shoreline, with sweeping views of the I-5 corridor and to the east past Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish. As a result, it’s a prime location for cellular carrier equipment. 2014 improvements included more space at the tank roof and better access for cellular equipment, and other tank improvements including new exterior and interior coatings, a tank mixer to improve water quality, additional vents, and a water sampling station. The interior primer (installed with tank construction in 1975) contained lead and chromium and was handled as a lead abatement project. The project included project coordination with multiple cell carriers, carefully orchestrated construction phasing to maintain cell service during construction, and bid structuring to clearly identify and fairly distribute project costs. In addition, the project involved coordinating multiple projects, both existing and future, on the same site.

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