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Roseburg Interceptor Rehabilitation

Construction, Wastewater, Environmental


King County, WA

Valley View Sewer District


Construction, Wastewater, Environmental



The Roseberg Interceptor Rehabilitation project removed root intrusions and reduced I/I in this aging, high-flow 21-inch interceptor at a reasonable cost with minimal disruption to the environment and ratepayers. The project is located on a steep slope in a difficult to access area south of Seattle. To secure a Public Works Trust Fund, Valley View Sewer District (VVSD) was required to submit a cultural/historic review, so RH2 coordinated with the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, Suquamish Indian Tribe, Duwamish Indian Tribe and Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation to complete the cultural/historic review.

The design emphasized using trenchless construction methods, including lining the existing sewer main with cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) and pipe bursting the side sewers. Using trenchless construction methods, RH2 was able to reduce the cost, time, and permitting efforts. Trenchless construction methods allow for a shorter construction time which results in less impact on the rate payers. Using CIPP will result in less disruption to the site, which corresponds to a reduced cost for a superior product on the project.

RH2 coordinated with King County to obtain a right of way permit and grading permit. Using CIPP allowed for construction in wetland areas to be avoided on the project. As a result, RH2 was able to reduce the grading permit requirements on the project.

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