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Sand Creek Permanent Siphon Improvements



Grants Pass, OR

Grants Pass Irrigation District





During the winter of 2016, the Grants Pass Irrigation District sustained substantial damage to their Sand Creek Irrigation Canal, which supplies irrigation water to 5,800 acres of land. The damage to the canal was so extensive that there was no way to reconstruct the canal in its original location because of environmental issues caused by its historical commingling with Sand Creek. RH2 worked with the District to develop a plan with both a temporary solution and a permanent solution to meet their short-term and long term needs. This project included close coordination with neighboring property owners to minimize property impacts and provide proper restoration to return the areas to as close to original conditions as possible.

The temporary solution included installing 820 feet of 60-inch HPDE, temporary pumping for localized patrons, slope stabilization, and environmental permitting. The temporary work was funded by FEMA and the project was designed, permitted, and constructed in 4 months, getting patrons back in service for the majority of the irrigation season.

During the irrigation season, the team worked on a permanent design alternative to meet the needs of the District and fulfill permitting agency requirements. The permanent project was funded by both FEMA and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and had to go through complete environmental review and permitting. The permanent project also included reconstruction of Sand Creek over the siphon and was designed to meet NRCS requirements. The project was completed on time and within budget, enhancing the area and providing irrigation water to patrons for years to come.

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