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TAP Emergency Intertie

Construction, Environmental, Water


Ashland, WA

City of Ashland


Construction, Environmental, Water



Anticipating that their existing water supply may become inadequate due to the severity of the drought in 2013, the City of Ashland took steps to move forward with the Talent Ashland Phoenix (TAP) connection to provide emergency water in case their existing sources were unable to meet the water demands of the city. In March of 2014, RH2 was retained to develop the design and construction necessary to address this urgent issue by late summer of that same year – compressing a project that would normally span 2 years into only 5 months. An extraordinary amount of coordination and planning was required to complete the design and construction of 15,000 LF of transmission pipeline, upgrades to the existing pump stations in the cities of Phoenix and Talent, and a new temporary pump station in Ashland.

An in-house team of 30 experts in project management, design, and hydraulic analysis allowed RH2 to complete the project on schedule and budget, by adopting an agile design approach allowing the construction of each phase of the project to begin as soon as the design was completed.

While the City assumed they would only achieve a temporary solution to their emergency water supply problem, RH2 endeavored to create a solution that not only addressed the immediate need, but also future expansion. With the exception of the temporary pump station, the approach and materials selected for the project provided long-term capacity, ensuring the ongoing value of the significant investment being made.

Significant elements of the project included construction management and acting as the owner’s representative. RH2’s work included the coordination and administration of multiple contractors, materials suppliers, system commissioning, testing and start up.

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