Lakewood Water District Wholesale Transmission Main

Lakewood Water District Wholesale Transmission Main

Lakewood Water District planned to construct a new regional transmission main and booster station to deliver wholesale water to nearby purveyors.

The first portion of the transmission main is a 24,000 lineal foot ductile iron pipeline in the Parkland area from Tacoma Avenue South to 20th Avenue East. The first 22,000 feet are 20-inch-diameter pipes, 3,000 feet of which are restrained joint product. The remaining pipe is 12-inch.

The chosen alignment had two crossings that provided design challenges: 1) heavily travelled five-lane State Route 7; and 2) Clover Creek, a fish-bearing creek. To cross SR 7, the team worked with WSDOT to determine the best alignment, installation method, and timing of construction. To cross Clover Creek, RH2 considered tying the main to an existing bridge and directional drilling; however, the final design was a welded steel assembly offset from the bridge.

Services rendered included pipe sizing, materials analysis, alignment development, geologic investigation and communication with many jurisdictions, including WSDOT and Pierce County. RH2 provided assistance for all project permitting, which included WSDOT, county franchise and right-of-way, county stormwater, Critical Areas Impact, JARPA, SEPA, and Tacoma Water right-of-way.

Project Alignment


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