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Steve Nelson, LG, LHG, LEG
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Steve is a licensed hydrogeologist and engineering geologist with technical and project management experience involving water resource assessment, development, management, remediation, and protection. He works with the RH2 design teams to contribute his knowledge and expertise of the soil, rock, groundwater and watershed conditions that will affect the design, construction, and operation of water infrastructure. Steve participates in analysis and design decisions involving siting, geohazards, constructability, resilience, and integration with the environment to minimize risk and cost and maximize reliability and performance of water and sewer systems. His project expertise includes characterization of local and regional groundwater systems for groundwater supply; water supply well design and rehabilitation, construction and testing; wellhead protection analysis and water rights evaluation; watershed planning, restoration, and improvements; design, construction and operation of construction dewatering systems; foundation and retaining wall evaluation; feasibility and design of reclaimed water and stormwater infiltration systems; and assessment and remediation of contaminated sites.

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