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RH2’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Edwin Halim has been promoted to Associate Director. The Board is confident that Edwin stands out with a skillset that will be instrumental in providing leadership at an even higher level for years to come. He has an admiral ability to connect equally well with clients and our staff. Edwin’s focus has always been on what is in the best interest of RH2 and we are fortunate to have him on our team.

Edwin leads RH2’s Bothell Design Group. A trained Mechanical Engineer, his specialty is designing facility projects, such as reservoirs, pump stations, lift stations, and treatment plants. Additionally, he is passionate about mentoring young engineers. He loves teaching our younger employees why we do things a certain way. It is very satisfying for him to see them succeed and eventually manage their own projects, and ultimately have their own clients. His goal as an Associate Director is to make sure our engineers are properly mentored and to provide a different perspective in the Board meetings.

Edwin has many favorite projects, but his passion is to rehabilitate existing facilities. He has found that facility rehabilitation projects require more attention to detail since the envelope of the facility has already been defined. Most of the time, the best solution requires out of the box ideas to solve the space constraints frequent with rehabilitation projects.

Edwin grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. He came to the US to attend the University of Washington’s Mechanical Engineering program. Ever since he was in elementary school, he had always wanted to become an engineer. His original plan was to move back to Jakarta after graduation; however, his plans changed due to the 1998 Asian Crisis. Luckily, he saw a small ad in the Seattle Times and applied for the job. RH2 Engineering is his first and only employer since starting his career. Outside of work, Edwin likes the outdoors and enjoys playing tennis, fishing, crabbing, clam digging, hiking (mainly looking for wild edibles such as mushrooms and berries), gardening, and skiing. He also likes to travel the world with his family. He would love to show his kids where he grew up and see things from a different perspective. Edwin is a foodie and enjoys trying different foods around the Seattle area.

Edwin extends a special thanks to the current directors who acknowledged his contribution to RH2 and to all the staff who have been instrumental in his success. It is his hope that he has equally contributed to the success of those he has worked closely with. The Directors in turn welcome Edwin to the Board and are looking forward to incorporating his unique perspective to further enrich RH2.

Edwin Halim Promoted to Associate Director

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