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RH2 is proud to announce that the City of Snoqualmie’s Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) Phase II project was chosen by the Washington State Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA-WA) as the 2021 Project of the Year in the Environment $5M - $25M category!

RH2 has been working with the City on its WRF since 2015, and has completed two large capital projects. Phase I included UV disinfection, a 1,500 kW diesel backup generator, and SCADA improvements, and Phase II involved solids handling improvements, odor control, vactor decant stations, a headworks upgrade, and more. Two significant motivating factors for the Phase II improvements included increasing operational reliability of the solids handling system and reducing solids handling costs. The project is projected to save the City at least $4.2M in operating costs over the next 10 years.

All combined, this project accomplished renovations to the WRF on the following sustainability fronts:

  • Allows the City to produce reusable Class B wastewater byproduct.

  • Minimizes unpleasant odors so that the WRF is a conscientious component of nearby ecosystem and residents.

  • Provides ability to process waste that is generated from City stormwater maintenance programs on-site.

  • Reduces the consumption of natural gas and electrical power by eliminating the gas dryer system.

  • Reduces heavy truck traffic to and from the WRF to disposal facilities.

The new WRF is safer and more sustainable, reliable, and environmentally friendly, with lower operations and maintenance costs. The entire project team is proud of this outcome—thank you and congratulations to the City of Snoqualmie on a highly successful project!

Click on the Award Submittal Button at the top of the page to view the full award submittal or click on the APWA-WA Awards Button for more information about the awards.

APWA-WA Project of the Year-City of Snoqualmie WRF Phase II

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