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ACEC WA Silver Award for Meeting and Exceeding Client Expectations | 2017 & PNWS-AWWA Excellence in Engineering Award | 2017
Butterfield Water Treatment Plant Intake Traveling Screens, City of Pasco

Located on the Columbia River, the Butterfield Intake plays a crucial role as a reliable drinking water source for the City of Pasco. The screen quality was deteriorating, and it could not meet the Butterfield WTP’s 28 to 30 MGD capacity. Our original scope covered refurbishing the existing screen and installing a second traveling screen. However, further review of the data combined with new regulatory requirements required a solution that was far more complex than the City originally anticipated. RH2 prepared a technical memorandum summarizing the new regulatory guidelines and the resulting Butterfield intake facility capacity, and the City requested that RH2 amend the original scope to meet the new regulations as well as the future WTP capacity.

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