New Reservoir #11

Sunrise Water Authority

Project Description

To continue meeting the needs of the expanding community of the City of Happy Valley, the Sunrise Water Authority is constructing a new 3 MG, partially buried, pre-stressed concrete reservoir to supply safe, reliable water in a cost-effective, efficient manner. Reservoir No. 11 is being constructed just north and adjacent to SWA’s existing Reservoir No. 6 in an area that has recently been developed and is surrounded by new residential homes.

RH2 worked closely with SWA to develop a tank design to meet the service needs of this mid-level pressure zone while giving significant consideration to impacts of the surrounding community. This included reducing the visual impact to the surrounding neighbors by designing the tank to be partially buried with only 2 to 3 feet of the reservoir wall and roof being visible from most angles, as well as leaving as many of the existing trees on site and planting additional native trees and shrubs to keep natural screening of the site in place.

The construction phase poses another challenge in regard to impacting the neighbors; heavy machinery, trucks, and other vehicles will be accessing this area frequently which will potentially cause disturbance in the surrounding community. As a way of getting ahead of the public’s concerns, RH2 worked with SWA to release a “Good Neighbor Plan,” outlining the anticipated schedule of construction and the potential impacts to residents in the immediate area. To foster shared community input, SWA will solicit feedback from residents regarding the finished landscaping plans and site screening.

We completed the engineering related services on schedule and within budget, and the project is currently on track to meet SWA’s overall schedule and budget.

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