Booster Pump Stations

Due to the critical role that pump stations play in supplying water during times of emergency, RH2’s approach focuses on delivering a highly reliable, resilient, and secure pump stations. Our experience in pump station design and construction contract administration and observation spans more than 30 years, giving our professionals the depth of understanding necessary to deliver an effective and successful solution to your pumping needs.

For more than 20 years, we have prepared all pump station designs using 3D AutoCAD in order to develop award-winning, highly detailed, and comprehensive construction documents. This approach allows us to build the structure as a digital model before the contractor builds it on the site. We conceptualize the design, analyze it, evaluate it, and resolve constructability issues during the design phase to help make sure the facility is built as intended.

With a 3D CAD model, we can create photo-realistic images of the facility and provide owner and public stakeholders with a virtual tour of the site and facility prior to construction. We also use the design drawings for our analytical models; therefore, we do not have to spend time entering data or making changes for structural calculations, cost estimates, or material quantities, because it is all updated automatically as changes are made. This means lower cost and shorter design times for our clients.

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