Comprehensive Water System Planning

Water system planning is a major component of RH2’s consulting practice. Our breadth and depth of experience make us uniquely qualified and knowledgeable of the elements necessary to successfully draft update water system master plans and hydraulic water system models. RH2 has prepared and utilized countless water system models for our clients to assist them with the development of accurate and substantiated water capital project plans. In the last 5 years, RH2 has worked on more than 50 different hydraulic models, performing project-specific analyses, model calibration, optimization evaluations, and system-wide analyses. We are well versed in the various market-leading hydraulic analyses and mapping software packages, including ArcGIS and InfoWater.

 In addition to water system planning, RH2 is regularly engaged in the preliminary engineering, land use planning, permitting, and evaluations that are routinely required to support capital improvement and facility projects. Services that we regularly perform as part of our planning and preliminary engineering include:

  • Water system planning and capital improvement program development
  • Conceptual planning, preliminary engineering and project definition, including detailed modeling to select pumps, site reservoirs or other facilities, size distribution and transmission systems, and performing alternatives analyses
  • Specialty analyses and studies, including advanced specialty modeling services like surge analyses, water age analyses, tracer studies, operational system optimization and unidirectional flushing plans
  • Energy efficiency testing of pumping systems to identify low-cost improvements
  • Condition assessment and resiliency evaluation of distribution and transmission pipelines
  • Geologic, seismic, and vulnerability assessments of water facilities and pipelines, including bridge and creek crossings
  • Evaluation of supply and pumping facilities, including condition assessment, backup power, and chemical systems
  • Facility and site master planning, including siting studies, equipment sizing and alternatives analyses
  • SCADA and control systems evaluation and planning
  • Facility and SCADA security assessment
  • Water system capacity and fire flow evaluations
  • Model maintenance, including ongoing or scheduled maintenance to ensure accurate hydraulic analyses
  • Model calibration, including flow monitoring, hydrant tests, pressure monitoring and pump evaluation

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