Hydraulic Modeling

RH2 employs the leading water system modeling experts in the Pacific Northwest. We have prepared, utilized, and analyzed nearly 100 water system hydraulic models over the last 20 years, and more than 40 in the last 5 years alone. The most valuable aspect of our staff’s modeling capabilities is that they have the real-world experience to evaluate the data and analyze the results for the purposes of troubleshooting problem areas. This expertise and dedication to modeling is what sets RH2’s hydraulic modeling capabilities far above our peers. We are well versed in the various market-leading hydraulic analyses and mapping software packages, including ArcGIS and InfoWater.

Expert Experience

Our engineers routinely employ models to perform complex hydraulic analyses, such as Extended Period Simulation (EPS), surge, optimization, and criticality analyses as needed to resolve complicated challenges. RH2 has performed a wide variety of model analyses, for a wide range of clients, and brings this expertise to make each project successful.

Dynamic Planning Tools

RH2 recognizes that water system planning is an ongoing effort to keep capital improvement plans and future growth projections updated, and this effort must be carried forward by our clients’ staff.

Model Calibration For Pin-Point Accuracy

RH2 offers our clients water model calibration that is second to none. We know that the most fundamental aspects of water system planning involve confirming the accuracy of the model and making the correct adjustments to achieve rigorous models. Our team has a high level of expertise in water distribution system model calibration, and we own multiple fire flow testing devices that are frequently deployed by our clients to verify the details of these models. Our calibrated models give implementation-level detail and authentic data, not broad‑based trends of hydraulic behavior more suited to general planning.

RH2 has the ability to refine the detail and accuracy of our client’s water models to produce a tool in which you can have the utmost confidence. RH2 believes in developing the most realistic models to support CIP planning and budgets. We believe that calibration is one of the best investments and insurance policies that a municipality can make, as these are used to develop important projects through the water capital improvements plan. Our team often provides our clients with a dependable, fine-tuned model.

Energy Savings Options

Along with our excellent model calibration capabilities, we can also offer additional services to enhance your facilities. RH2 has developed a program to optimize electricity use by evaluating pumping scenarios and system hydraulic needs, which can be properly controlled through the SCADA system. This is an optional service that can provide a highly beneficial synergy between your water system master plan and facility utilization. Many of our clients have experienced notable cost savings in electricity bills for their pumps and facilities resulting from this optimization program.