RH2 has an extensive resume of reservoir design and seismic improvement projects. Since 1978, we have designed more than 100 reservoir projects, including new, replacement, and seismic improvements, all within the Pacific Northwest. Within the last 5 years, we have designed more than 22 concrete and steel reservoirs, ranging in size from 100,000 to 33,000,000 gallons of storage capacity.

Recognizing our Clients’ Needs

Some consider municipal reservoir design a simple task and choose to rely on contractor-designed tanks based on performance specifications. While this approach may be suitable in some limited applications, we typically recommend that municipal reservoirs be designed by an experienced team comprised of structural, mechanical, civil, and environmental engineers. The rewards of this approach include improved operator safety, lower maintenance and life-cycle costs, fewer construction change orders, environmentally friendly facilities, and increased attention to detail and water quality considerations.

Comprehensive Design Techniques

We have developed specialized design software that allows us to complete reservoir structural calculations and designs with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Our library of concrete and welded steel reservoir calculations and details, for both new tanks and seismic retrofits, is highly beneficial to our clients. We utilize comprehensive 3D models for all of our reservoir designs, create our plans in color, and customize them to meet each of our client’s needs.

Long-Term Solutions

RH2 has completed extensive planning work associated with reservoir siting studies. The planning associated with the siting of a new reservoir can be a large endeavor for a utility to undertake. It is imperative to understand the entire system to make accurate, long-term decisions that will benefit the utility’s system for the design life of the facility.

Often obtaining a successful site is as much a public relations effort as it is a design effort. Gaining public acceptance and official authorization can take longer and be costlier than the design. RH2 is acutely aware of this challenge and we have the expertise and tools to facilitate this process. Our use of 3D color plans and photo-realistic renderings greatly facilitates public understanding and acceptance of projects.

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