Sewer Modeling

RH2 maintains an innovative and resourceful group of sewer system modeling experts that employ multiple modeling platforms best suited for the tasks at hand. Our clients can be assured that the sewer system information data will be efficiently loaded into their hydraulic model using database synchronization and geospatial links to the extent possible, regardless of the format the information is provided in.

RH2 has prepared and utilized numerous sewer system models for our municipal clients to assist with the development of accurate and substantiated sewer capital project plans, and the development of detailed designs for sewer improvement projects. The most valuable aspect of our team’s modeling capabilities is that they each have the real-world experience necessary to evaluate the data and analyze the results for the purposes of troubleshooting problem areas.

RH2 offers our clients exceptional sewer model calibration. We know that the most fundamental aspects of sewer system planning are confirming the accuracy of the model and making the correct adjustments to achieve accurate models. The project team has a high level of expertise in sewer collection system model calibration. RH2 has coordinated flow monitoring projects and reviewed flow monitoring data for several of our clients to verify the accuracy of our models, and determine the characteristics of drainage basins and capacities of lift stations.

Our calibrated models give implementation-level detail and accuracy to provide our clients with a tool in which you have the utmost confidence. The calibration often involves an update to the distribution of flows throughout the nodes in the model for increased accuracy. If sufficient data is available, sewer flows can be updated on a per parcel basis, or through the use of flow meter data. This effort is completed through an automated process utilizing GIS data, making it a cost-effective task to complete.

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