RH2 offers comprehensive structural design and analysis services for new and existing facilities. Our structural team focuses on providing functional, easy-to-build, low-maintenance and earthquake-resistant designs for our client’s buildings, tanks and other structures. RH2 also provides inspection and analysis services for existing structures for expansions, additions, seismic upgrades, failure analyses and repairs. Our staff includes licensed civil and structural engineers with diverse experience in all phases of project execution, including planning, permitting, development of specifications and drawings, and engineering services during construction for the following types of projects:

  • Buildings Constructed of Concrete, Masonry, Wood and Metal
  • Water Reservoirs Constructed of Steel, Cast-in-place and Precast Concrete
  • Sewage Treatment Facilities including Process and Administration Buildings, Tanks and Utilidors
  • Retaining Walls Constructed of MSE and Cast-in place Concrete
  • Fabricated Metalwork, Including Pipe Supports, Seismic Restraints, Stairs and Platforms of Steel, Aluminum, and Fiber-Reinforced Plastics
  • Pedestrian Bridges
  • Pile Support Systems
  • Cable and Structural Fabric Systems

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