Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District 2009-2010 Irrigation Lateral Enclosure

Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District 2009-2010 Irrigation Lateral Enclosure

The Sunnyside Valley Irrigation District Enclosed Lateral Improvement Projects (ELIPS) 2009—2010 laterals consisted of the installation of approximately 18.5 miles of pipeline, converting open channel irrigation ditches into enclosed pressurized irrigation mains. RH2 assisted in design, bidding and construction inspection of the project on a very condensed timeline. The project was designed in only 2 months and installed in only 4 months.

Irrigation mains were required to be constructed through the winter to maintain services to all customers during the irrigation season. Hydraulic modeling was performed to size and calculate peak conditions during the design. The project included significant rock excavation, dewatering, multiple highway and railroad crossings, and interstate crossings. The project utilized multiple pipe sizes and materials to meet design conditions, including pipe as large as 36 inches in diameter, and HDPE and PVC materials.

The project was funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act stimulus, was constructed across two separate counties, and involved coordination with numerous agencies and jurisdictions. The pipeline will provide local land owners with a new pressurized system that is completely metered from source to distribution, ultimately conserving water lost to evaporation, seepage and open channel inefficiencies.

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