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Eastmont Avenue Reconstruction

Construction, Transportation, Stormwater, Water, Electrical


East Wenatchee, WA

City of East Wenatchee


Construction, Transportation, Stormwater, Water, Electrical



The City of East Wenatchee received two separate grants from the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) to reconstruct Eastmont Avenue between Grant Road and 9th Street NE. The project required road widening, right of way acquisition, and stormwater system improvements. Given the proximity to nearby business and residences, retaining walls were required to reduce acquisition needs. Balancing the road profile to minimize the cut on one side and the fill on the other side of the road was quite challenging. The final product blends nicely into the surrounding roadside and includes a multi-modal facility for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles.

This project included several inter-local agreements to construct utility improvements for the East Wenatchee Water District, Douglas County PUD, Frontier, and Charter. Each of these agencies took advantage of East Wenatchee’s project to upgrade their systems while the road was under construction. These partnerships reduced overall costs and multiple project impacts to the traveling public.

Some of the major project elements included new curb, gutter, and sidewalks, a stormwater system, water main, power, communications systems, paving, illumination, and a new signal system at 3rd Street. East Wenatchee was also able to piggyback to two other projects during construction to save on administration costs and public impacts. The TIB-funded 8th Street overlay and East Wenatchee-funded Canyon A stormwater system was also completed during the Eastmont Avenue project. The Canyon A work included the last 300 feet of a 54-inch diameter concrete pipe, custom connections, and venting to complete this decade‑long project.

Through strong partnerships and proper planning, this project combined what would have been eight separate projects with five agencies into one project success. The project was completed on time and nearly $250,000 under East Wenatchee’s original budget.

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