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While our projects are exciting and challenging, office life is enjoyable and easygoing. There is a team atmosphere in everything we do.

The right person will thrive in this kind of environment and will be welcomed as part of a dedicated team!

“It has always been my dream to achieve a platform of influence… to amend the disproportionate exposure to environmental pollution faced by disadvantaged populations, such as developing communities whom lack access to clean drinking water. [RH2’s] gracious contribution will surely accelerate my path towards a career in design, administration, and international consulting for environmental engineering systems.” – Austin Pelletier, 2018 recipient of the RH2 Graduate Engineering Fellowship

Austin is a graduate research assistant in the Water and Environmental Research Laboratory, and is currently pursuing his MS in Environmental Engineering at Washington State University. 

On an individual level, my favorite aspect of working for RH2 is being assigned tasks and projects which stretch my abilities without overwhelming me. I have the opportunity to learn technical skills, grow as a young professional engineer, and contribute to my team and the industry in meaningful ways that keep me engaged. On a company- wide level, I am thankful that our team collectively has such a breadth of knowledge, allowing us to design challenging and exciting projects.

Alex F. (Staff Engineer)
Joined RH2 in 2012

This company creates a very positive atmosphere for its employees. They value family commitments and allow people to develop skills in areas in which they have an interest. I think the low turnover rate speaks volumes for the quality of the workplace in RH2.

Jim B. (Senior Scientist)
Joined RH2 in 2004

I chose RH2 because it is in a growing industry and is a growing business. RH2 hires a strong work force thus they can trust employees to manage their own work and I am able to learn from more experienced engineers. Did I mention RH2 pays overtime?

Tim E. (SCADA Engineer)
Joined RH2 in 2016

From continual learning of new disciplines and skills, to public speaking and presentation opportunities, to project management – the possibilities for career growth are seemingly endless. I have always felt encouraged to continue learning and developing professionally at RH2.

Alicia P. (Environmental Scientist)
Joined RH2 in 2001

To sum up RH2 Engineering in two words: excellence and appreciation. RH2 is a fantastic company that does great things. Leadership and peers alike appreciate everyone within the walls of RH2, creating a family-like atmosphere of people who succeed individually and as a team. RH2’s President and Directors see employees as people, recognizing them and helping them to succeed personally and professionally. What a great place to work!

Bret B. (Principal)
Joined RH2 in 1998