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RH2's leadership team drives the vision and mission of our company to provide the highest level of planning, design, and implementation services to our clients and become an extension of their team by actively listening and adapting to their needs. We aspire to create technically superior, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions that exceed client expectations, and create a work environment for our employees which promotes growth, innovation, and allows for a work/life balance.

Our Values drive our future:

​Integrity – to make decisions guided by our principals for what is right for our employees and clients with honesty and transparency.

Loyalty – to our employees by treating them as part of our extended family, providing opportunities for growth, and helping them achieve a work/life balance. To our clients, by building relationships based on mutual respect and trust that emphasize a long-term sustainable partnership.

Technical Excellence – to deliver innovative engineering solutions that are of the highest quality and best value utilizing state-of-the-art practice.

Quality – to provide clear, sophisticated, and customized designs that set the standard for the industry.

Innovation – engineering that exhibits outside the box thinking to create unique and holistic solutions.

Cost Management – to provide constructible design solutions that result in low bids and minimal change
orders, develop realistic cost estimates that can be relied upon, and balance short-term constraints with
long-term sustainability.


State-of-the-Art Practices – to understand and implement new technologies that help to advance our industry and provide more sophisticated, cost-effective, and enduring solutions.

Exceeding Client Expectations – to provide the highest level of client satisfaction through effective communication, timely responses, minimal surprises, and superior design solutions.

Team Building – a fundamental pillar that drives our success. Strong teams generate innovative solutions, adapt to challenges, and deliver outstanding results.

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