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John Hendron, PE
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John specializes in the conveyance of water and wastewater in the Pacific Northwest. He has managed multiple pump station projects, wastewater lift stations, drinking water wells, boosting supply, and transferring water between pressure zones. His expertise in hydraulic analysis ensures that the facilities he designs perform effectively and reliably at startup and long into the future. Since the beginning of his career, John has analyzed large amounts of data, sorting and prioritizing information to create needed facility improvement schedules. He is also adept at performing life cycle cost analyses for existing and proposed facilities to effectively analyze alternatives. He also excels at preparing and managing construction contracts for the public works bidding process. As
Co-District Engineer for the Valley View Sewer District, he has prepared numerous enforceable contracts that allow for contractor flexibility. He has also prepared many ULIDs for the District, and is experienced with cost-allocation strategies to assign cost to the beneficiaries of new facilities.

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