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Wastewater Services



Related Projects

RH2’s team utilizes more than 45 years of experience with engineering design, regulatory compliance, economic analyses, and open communication among stakeholders to develop and improve wastewater systems.

  • Comprehensive/Master Sewer System Planning

  • On-Call Engineering

  • Treatment Facility Design

  • Wastewater Collection System Design

  • Sewer Pipeline Design

  • Sewer Pump Stations

  • Lift Stations

  • Sewer System Modeling

  • Sewer System GIS and Mapping

  • Structural Evaluations and Retrofits

  • ULID Formation

Wastewater Treatment

RH2 has assisted clients in every aspect of wastewater treatment planning and facility design, including conceptualization, predesign, design, permitting, and construction on a multitude of projects ranging from somewhat simple to very complex. Our design team excels at applying creative solutions to complex problems. Our sophisticated use of 3D modeling for facility design allows us to build digital models of complex facilities before construction takes place. This approach allows our clients to clearly visualize our designs prior to construction.

Our approach to wastewater treatment facility planning and design is to promote positive and open communication with all interested and potentially affected parties, including regulatory agencies, community leaders, facility owners and operators, and the public. The amount of resources available for planning, expansion or replacement, and operation of facilities is usually limited; therefore, the need for a practical approach with unanimous approval cannot be overemphasized. Improvements proposed for short-term solutions should be coordinated with long-term needs so nothing is wasted. Also, data from traditional planning of treatment plants should be verified with the operator’s actual experience with their own system to confirm that the constructed facility fits the existing conditions and operating characteristics at the proposed site.

Permitting and agency approvals are an important part of wastewater treatment system improvement projects. RH2 has extensive experience with environmental permitting compliance and can assist clients in developing technically competent and procedurally compliant processes to meet any of these requirements. We also have significant experience in assisting clients with addressing NPDES facility permitting conditions and negotiations for permit renewal.

Our full range of service capabilities, from site evaluation to planning, design, permitting, and construction observation, makes RH2 uniquely qualified to provide high-quality engineering services at every level of the wastewater treatment facility improvement process.


Wastewater Collection

Although sewer pipeline design is not usually a complicated process, there are several techniques that RH2 staff use to ensure that our sewer designs are cost-effective and low maintenance and will provide service for many years. These include the following:

  • RH2 staff members use computer modeling techniques to determine the optimum slope and depth of sewer pipelines, thus minimizing excavation and backfill costs.

  • Each sewer design project includes an investigation of materials that meet site-specific requirements, such as corrosion resistance, infiltration and inflow prevention, structural integrity, and hydraulic conditions.

  • Our staff is trained in the latest trenchless technology and considers the use of trenchless construction methods during the design process.

  • Usually, there are alternative alignments available for a new or replacement sewer line. During the predesign phase, our staff develops a set of alternative alignments and determines the advantages and disadvantages of each. This process is summarized as part of a predesign report that includes a recommended alignment.

  • Construction observation of the sewer pipeline installation aides in the construction of the designed project and helps to minimize cost overruns related to change orders.

  • Recent developments in environmental regulations can have a significant impact on pipeline project costs and schedules. RH2 staff is able to recognize these impacts in the early stages of the project and properly address them during the alternatives analysis process.

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