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RH2 Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1978 with the focus on quality, to partner with public utilities and municipalities with the common goal of helping communities plan, operate, and optimize their current infrastructure and proactively plan for future needs. RH2 partners with our clients to deliver superior and sustainable customized engineering solutions that exceed expectations while maintaining the utmost in customer service, efficacy, and excellence.

Over the years, RH2 expanded into a Pacific Northwest-wide engineering consulting firm with nine offices throughout Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. With over 100 professionals, RH2 is well-equipped to handle projects of a wide variety. With cutting edge technology built into each office, we work seamlessly with our employees across offices.

RH2 believes we are our people, and as such, we seek to hire the best of the best in a wide variety of fields including scientists, structural, civil, environmental, electrical, and beyond. We’re passionate about the services we provide and believe that our success is your success.

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