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RH2’s Newest Published Authors

Congratulations to Eric Smith, PE, Tom Coleman, PE, and Jenny MacDonald, RH2’s newest published authors! We wanted to share some of the details of our Wastewater Treatment Facility project in the City of Cashmere and how we helped the City find sustainable treatment alternatives to meet stringent effluent limits. Check out the LinkedIn announcement where you can also read the article they published.

Funding programs for wastewater projects in the Northwest

RH2 has successfully assisted clients in securing funding for a wide variety of projects for more than 41 years. We develop close relationships with our clients to understand their specific project needs and our staff stays informed of current funding opportunities, maximizing client eligibility in the competitive loan and grant programs. Our staff recently pulled together the following list of funding programs available for wastewater projects in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho which was posted on PNCWA’s website.

Additional loan assistance for funding opportunities from the State of Washington’s Department of Ecology, Department of Health, and the Washington State Public Works Board are also available.

Congratulations to Dan Mahlum, RH2’s Newest Director

Dan has been with RH2 for over 20 years, providing leadership and direction within RH2’s Water Treatment Group. He has been instrumental in overseeing complex, cutting-edge facility projects that include well development and rehabilitation, groundwater and surface water treatment, and wastewater planning and improvements, expanding RH2’s valuable efforts to convert unusable water into clean and safe drinking water for communities.

Congratulations to Kyle Pettibone, RH2’s Newest Director

Kyle has over 25 years of experience and is one of RH2’s design engineers. He has been involved in many of our complex and successful projects and continually advanced RH2’s technical capabilities by improving our design tools and the quality and consistency of our services and deliverables to clients. His ability to review a project on-site and recommend adjustments quickly highlights RH2’s overall approach to being flexible and innovative to meet client needs.

Congratulations to Michele Campbell, RH2’s Newest Director

Michele has been with RH2 for over 18 years, managing and shaping the Engineering Planning Group. With her leadership, we have created a team that is the envy of our competition. She has contributed to our success by being involved in developing RH2’s comprehensive plans which are routinely used as the standard of care and an example of sophisticated insight by regulatory agencies. These comprehensive plans are paving the road to the future by integrating the newest and most sophisticated technologies into the analysis and planning process.

Chris Roberts and Edwin Halim promoted to Principals group

We are pleased to announce RH2’s newest Principals, Chris Roberts and Edwin Halim! They join John Hendron, Ryan Peterson, Steve Nelson, James Swanson, and Doug Schlepp as Principals, rounding out a group of talented, esteemed leaders in their respective fields. We are excited to watch Chris and Edwin continue to grow in their new roles and look forward to the contributions they will make to the leadership of our company, shaping the future and success of RH2 for many years to come.

Work awarded for new reservoir in Talent, Oregon

Work on a 3,400-foot-long water pipe that will connect a new 2.5-million-gallon reservoir to the city water system should begin in the next couple weeks. The new tank will replace one that might be vulnerable in an earthquake.

How RH2 Gave Back in 2018


At the start of our 40th Anniversary last year, we decided focusing on giving back to the communities we serve would be an excellent way to celebrate four decades of success together as a firm. RH2 launched the Year of Giving initiative with the intention of developing and building our involvement in charitable and non-profit organizations across Washington and Oregon throughout the year.