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After 40 years of dedicated service to our clients, Randy Asplund has retired  from RH2. With nearly 1,500 projects under his belt, and decades of  creatively solving problems, Randy’s vacancy will leave a lasting  impression on the company he helped build. Many people that worked alongside Randy over the years have expressed their congratulations and deep appreciation for his time shaping the company, the staff, and their own careers.

Randy says he never expected to spend his entire career at one firm, but was lucky to land his first job with RH2 at a time when oil embargos and economic downturn left employment scarce. Randy says that over his time at RH2, he had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects, many of which hold a special place in his heart.

When asked about Randy’s time at RH2, clients and coworkers alike beamed with pride knowing their coworker, friend, and counterpart will forever leave an impression on the Wenatchee Valley and beyond.

Jeremy Stumetz expands this idea by saying, “Thank you  for everything you’ve created here at RH2. Since I’ve started working here, the things that have stuck out to me most are the culture here at RH2, the work environment, and the relationships both within our staff and how our office functions and also within our community with our clients and everyone we work with.”

This feeling of appreciation extends to long-term  clients as well. When hearing that Randy was set to retire, James Kuntz of Chelan Douglass Regional Port Authority recalls the plethora of projects that Randy touched during his career, attributing “fifty-plus projects for both the Port of Chelan County and Port of Douglas County.”

“You’ve been an integral part in our growth and our success, but what we’ll remember you most for is your positive outlook, your can-do spirit that any project, with good engineering can be done,” says Kuntz.

Randy’s final goodbye at RH2 included, “It has been a pleasure working with everyone especially the staff in the East Wenatchee office. I leave knowing that RH2 has strong, dedicated leadership and is one of the premier engineering firms in the northwest. I want to personally thank everyone for making RH2 the best engineering firm. Ever.”

In his closing remarks to Randy, Tony Pardi, President  of RH2, says it was a “pleasure and honor” to work alongside Randy all these years, noting that it isn’t often that engineers spend their entire career at one firm, and that they both have had that great pleasure.

RH2 sends Randy off with best wishes for a relaxing, fulfilling retirement. Thanks for all you did, Randy.

Randy Asplund Retires

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