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RH2 received a text message from a previous contractor alerting us of a lightning strike and fire at a client’s pumping plant. After arriving on-site, RH2 was able to assess the electrical equipment condition faired surprisingly well but that the main feeder conductors was not usable for around 50% of the length. 

Due to good planning, the District had tested the transformer in late 2019, and had a report to compare the testing results. While tests showed some potential damage to the transformer, it was decided that the existing transformer could be used, saving them from timely and cumbersome replacements for an 82,850 lbs transormer!

After that relatively good news, maintenance staff and RH2 were able to get a plan together by using materials the District had on-site for hooking up the spare transformer; another great planning move! Only minor items were missing. RH2 reached out to a contractor and within an hour, was able to have the materials on-site.

Moral of the story, planning is key and relationships are important. Without proactive planning, they could still be without water. Without the relationships RH2 has cultivated, services the District needed would have been difficult to find during an emergency on a weekend.

For more on this, check out the article!

When Lightning Strikes!

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