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RH2 is excited to announce the promotion of Michele Campbell to Director.

Michele has been with RH2 for over 18 years, managing and shaping the Engineering Planning Group. With her leadership, RH2 has created a team that is the envy of our competition. She has contributed to our success by being involved in developing RH2’s comprehensive plans which are routinely used as the standard and an example of sophisticated insight by regulatory agencies. These comprehensive plans are paving the road to the future by integrating the newest and most sophisticated technologies into the analysis and planning process.

One of Michele’s most memorable and favorite projects included being part of the RH2 team on the Lakewood Water District Wholesale Transmission project. This amazing project, which spanned a decade through the various phases and extensions, positively impacted many communities.

Michele’s goal as a Director is to lend her strengths in continuing to develop RH2’s culture in alignment with our core values.  She is looking forward to supporting RH2’s growth and adaptability, while remaining true to our roots of producing work product with high standards and serving as a trusted partner in the Pacific Northwest water industry.

Michele is appreciative of the many amazing people who have supported her success at RH2.  She appreciates every person she has worked with over the years, starting with her days as a young engineer being taught how to create hydraulic models through today with the management team having confidence in her and promoting her to Associate Director, and now Director.  She has always known the leadership at RH2 supported her and would help her to be successful.

Michele is proud of becoming a Director at RH2 while managing a full and happy life with family, friends, and work.  Outside of work, Michele enjoys running, playing tennis, and the time with her family who have been an important part of her accomplishments and success.

“Michele’s strategic vision will be especially important to the future of RH2 as technology continues to change over the ensuing decades,” says Tony Pardi, President of RH2.  RH2 looks forward to having Michele ongoing contribution to our efforts serving our clients and the community, while we continue the strong momentum and growth of RH2 for many years to come.

Feel free to connect with Michele on LinkedIn and congratulate her on this exciting new phase of her career!

Congratulations to Michele Campbell, RH2’s Newest Director

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