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RH2 was thrilled to attend the ribbon-cutting for one of our completed projects: Bethlehem Inn, a non-profit homeless shelter in Bend, OR.

We worked alongside other consultants and contractors to complete the redevelopment of the Bethlehem Inn facility. Our team provided professional engineering services for the water, sewer, stormwater, and site design. With these improvements complete, the shelter can now serve more than twice the number of people and offer a wider range of services, including on-site cooked meals for the residents.

RH2 skillfully implemented a multi-phased schedule to allow for Bethlehem Inn’s facilities to remain fully operational throughout the duration of the redevelopment. Working within the limitations of a small site, this required a complex and detailed project scope. To do this, progress was made in steps as one portion of the site remained open and work was underway in another, with operations moving from space to space per phase.

Bethlehem Inn appreciates tremendous support from the community in their efforts, and in turn offers the residents of Bethlehem Inn a wide variety of services, including homemade meals, clothing, job support, and shelter. Bethlehem Inn’s core staff is also supported by their team of dedicated volunteers.

This redevelopment allows the staff at Bethlehem Inn to widen their reach and further their mission. Congratulations, Bethlehem Inn!

Bethlehem Inn Ribbon Cutting!

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