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We are excited to announce the promotion of Chris Roberts and Edwin Halim to the Principals Group. Both Chris and Edwin have helped shape the direction and success of their respective groups here at RH2, and continue to be drivers in technical excellence, leading through example and providing engineering solutions to specifically meet the needs of our clients.

Chris Roberts, our electrical engineering group leader and Principal, started his career at RH2 in 2002 after graduating from Seattle University. For the past 17 years, Chris has worked hard to develop and promote our internal electrical capabilities through collaboration with team members. He credits his ability to build up the internal electrical group’s wide-range of expertise to RH2’s board of directors and company leaders supporting him in determining his own career path based on his interests and ideas. Recently, this has included expanding our in-house Arc Flash analysis expertise, which is currently being utilized on several projects, and can be used across a wide variety of service sectors, including water, wastewater, manufacturing, and industrial.

Edwin Halim, Principal to the design group, also started his career at RH2 after graduating with both his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington. With 21 years of experience in water and wastewater municipal engineering, Edwin has honed his skills in conceptualizing and designing unique facility projects. Although he enjoys the satisfaction of designing projects for new construction, Edwin is partial to rehabilitation work as it requires creativity to work around a site footprint or existing facility infrastructure. Rehabilitation projects allow him to stretch his engineering skill set, and flex his creative, outside-of-the-box thinking. Edwin is passionate about mentoring staff engineers and enjoys connecting teams in RH2’s various disciplines to develop well-rounded, collaborative solutions to our clients’ project needs.

Chris and Edwin now join John Hendron, Steve Nelson, Ryan Peterson, Doug Schlepp, and James Swanson as Principals at RH2, rounding out a group of talented, esteemed leaders in their respective fields. We look forward to watching Chris and Edwin continue to grow and excel in their respective fields as a Principals and provide leadership that shapes the future and success of RH2 for many years to come.

Feel free to connect with both Chris and Edwin on LinkedIn and congratulate them on this exciting new phase of their careers!

Chris Roberts and Edwin Halim Promoted To Principals Group

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