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RH2 continues their  slow, controlled growth and is excited to announce the opening of their office in Meridian, Idaho in April 2021. RH2's long tenured project manager, Don Popoff, PE has been promoted to Office Manager, overseeing the newest expansion. 

RH2 is passionate about the communities they serve and are excited to bring this same passion to the people of Southern Idaho. 

From a single office in Bellevue, WA in 1978, RH2 has grown slowly and conservatively over the last 43 years. As their client list expanded, so did their office locations. 

"Engineering is best performed locally." RH2's president, Tony Pardi, explains. "We are most effective when we are immersed in the communities we serve so that we understand the needs, challenges, opportunities, and politics of the community. Idaho was a natural progression for RH2."

Don says his vision for RH2's 9th office is to become integrated into the community with energetic and engaged partnerships. In the truest sense, the Idaho office will be a local engineering firm. "A pick-up the phone and call me and I will be right over type of firm," he says. 

Don was sure to express his availability. "I have one phone, it's on 24/7," he explains. "You can reach me anytime. Work and life are interconnected with me."

RH2 has over four decades of experience coined as the "RH2 way." With the backing of a diverse staff and the resources of a larger company, each office operates as a local engineering firm, rooted in the community. RH2's approach offers solutions to challenges, delivers projects with change order percentages well below industry average, and designs unique solutions that fit their customer’s needs. RH2 prides themselves on the partnerships they build through projects that create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients.

This business approach will be at the forefront of the Idaho office as Don gets to know the area, engages with the community and builds a team tailored for the community’s needs. Don is a family man who loves baseball and traveling. With over 23 years of professional experience, 19 years of experience at RH2, including time as a contract Public Works Director, Don brings firsthand knowledge of solving the challenges that municipalities are faced with. He is passionate about the work he does at RH2 and he prides himself on holding the company’s #1 spot for length of HDPE pipelines designed and/or constructed at RH2. (Although these statistics are usually reviewed around the lunch room table….)

As the Idaho office grows, RH2 will be excited to bring on new talent to support the community with their goals. "We'll continue to maintain a small firm mentality with the backing of the expertise of a larger company," Tony states. 

Don's excitement for this expansion goes deep into his passion for his work and the communities he serves. He explains that RH2 has been assisting municipal clients for decades, expanding their infrastructure systems, helping to solve problems, and planning for growth. 

"Idaho is seeing record expansion," he says. "It's exciting to me to be able to connect solutions with problems."

RH2 Opens New Office Location in Meridian, Idaho

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