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We fondly remember one of RH2’s earliest members, Ron Heinke. Ron recently passed after a long battle with cancer.

Ron’s time at RH2 began in 1980, just two years after the company’s founding, and was with the company for 20 years before retiring in 2000.

Those that worked with Ron reflect on their time with him with the utmost respect. His time with RH2 had a clear impact on the growth of the engineers around him. One former co-worker, Doug Schlepp, shared how Ron assured him of his support as Doug ventured on to his first project inspection job.

“Ron sensed my apprehension. It was a large project and I had never inspected before. Ron set me at ease, letting me know that his door was always open and when out in the field only a phone call away,” Doug says.

He was known for having high expectations and expected his fellow colleagues to always show their best work. With the client’s deadlines in mind, he was sure to keep projects on track, even if it meant working through the weekend to find solutions to challenges.

Tony Pardi remembers his time working with Ron fondly, “To this day I remain appreciative to Ron for all that he taught me as a young engineer coming out of school. He was an exemplary consultant and an exceptional engineer that truly cared about our clients. Even though he retired 20 years ago, Ron’s legacy lives on in RH2, even for those who did not have the opportunity to meet him. He will be missed by many.”

Remembering Ron Heinke

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