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Tony Pardi, PE, PMP
Tony Pardi_Formal Headshot_Blue.jpg

Tony is the President of RH2. His engineering career of 38 years has been entirely with RH2. Since joining RH2 in 1985, the majority of Tony’s professional career has been dedicated to the design of water and sewer facilities, first as a designer, then as a project manager. His extensive design background, field experience, and project management experience provide him with the tools to deliver successful projects to our clients. His experience spans from comprehensive planning and project conception through design development and ultimately construction. Tony’s design and project management expertise includes concrete and steel reservoirs; booster pump stations; well buildings; water treatment facilities; wastewater treatment plants; above- and below-grade pumping facilities; water, sewer, storm, and irrigation system pipelines; bridge and arch culverts; and technical analyses of sewer, water, and storm systems. Tony’s early work with AutoCAD, his invention of manageable ways to overlay true 3D designs on planar design tools, and his development of unique cost-control and tracking processes, have all enriched the way RH2 completes complex designs.

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