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Pybus Public Market

Environmental, Stormwater, Water, Wastewater


Wenatchee, WA

Port of Chelan County


Environmental, Stormwater, Water, Wastewater



The Port of Chelan County (PCC) purchased a site near the City of Wenatchee waterfront and worked with Wenatchee to redevelop the site into a public market using an existing building on site. RH2 assisted in the feasibility study for the project by providing assessments of the existing environmental condition, structural condition, and water and sewer utilities.

After the purchase, RH2 worked with PCC and Wenatchee on asbestos and lead abatement, demolition of a second
on-site building, and general site clean-up. Steel salvaged from the building after demolition equaled the cost of the demolition itself.

RH2 worked with PCC and Wenatchee to design the civil elements of the site.

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