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Additional Specialty Services

RH2 offers a wide range of specialty services to our clients. 

Corrosion Engineering and Cathodic Protection

We offer a holistic approach to corrosion engineering, which includes knowledge and expertise in materials specification, construction standards, protective coatings, and cathodic protection systems. This allows us to identify solutions that strike an appropriate balance between engineering and construction costs, as well as the benefit of having protection for the individual assets while managing the overall system integrity.

Services During Construction

RH2 approaches construction contract administration with a goal of representing our clients' best interests. This is, in part, achieved by enforcing project plans and specifications, and all permit requirements. At the same time, we recognize the differences between actual field conditions and the requirements of the specifications. Our extensive experience and project understanding helps lead to the prompt completion of projects, and if changed conditions occur, we are able to efficiently and cost effectively assist with resolution.

Site Design

RH2 has decades of engineering expertise in a variety of specialties, allowing our team to approach the project with a wide perspective. Our team’s approach is to exceed the basic civic need and develop a plan that moves past the utilitarian function of site development while maintaining the projected construction budget. Our team has successfully designed and implemented low impact development (LID) improvements for site planning projects, adding value and expertise to a project’s scope. Our decades of experience and knowledge allows us to approach challenges with unconventional, alternative solutions.

Loan and Grant Assistance

In the last 5 years, RH2 has completed more than 30 federally or state-funded projects. On average, RH2 completes several agency-funded projects every year, which includes grant or loan application assistance. Each of these projects requires extensive coordination with state, federal, and local staff, as well as intricate knowledge of current practices, standards, and specifications.

Peer Review and Value Engineering

RH2 regularly provides peer review and development review services for a variety of projects throughout Washington and Oregon. Our diverse skill set enables us to review and evaluate plans, specifications, technical information, funding applications, permitting documentation, and project details with an eye for maximizing the best value and project approach for our clients. Our staff includes licensed experts with substantial experience in the fields of: civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and structural engineering; geology, hydrogeology, and geotechnical engineering; SCADA and control system design and integration; and water rights, wetlands delineation, environmental assessments, and permitting. 

Our senior-level professionals have decades of experience in their discipline area and continuously review the newest regulations, standards, and requirements for engineering designs and specifications. Clients trust RH2 to provide a high level of analysis and quality control to bring increased confidence in meeting performance objectives and industry standards in the areas of risk management, code compliance, cost savings, and quality assurance.

Fire Flow Testing

Fire flow testing helps to determine the condition of our client’s water distribution systems, evaluate needed improvements, and assess water availability for further improvements or extensions, among other needs. AWWA recommends testing all service areas at least every 10 years. With RH2’s extensive experience, as well as ownership of testing equipment, we are uniquely positioned to perform tests on client fire hydrants to provide accurate field-verified data. This essential information allows our clients to project their needs, determine their expansion activities, and educate future decisions regarding funding sources and potential budget adjustments.

Public Involvement

RH2 is founded in our deep connections to the communities that we serve throughout the Pacific Northwest, ranging from small, rural towns to large, diverse cities. We have developed meaningful connections with the municipal staff members and residents of these communities, leading to many opportunities to become involved in events and activities. Our commitment to the communities we serve is also evident in the public outreach plans that we develop. Our experience has been that by including residents, business owners, and any person who might be impacted by the changes that a project is bringing, we build trust and open communication between all parties involved. This not only benefits our clients by promoting them as being open to public discussion, ideas, and concerns, but benefits RH2 by allowing us to form connections with the people our work will impact.


RH2 can provide an accurate picture of the true condition of every hard asset in your system. Inefficient pumps and motors increase energy bills and can cause expensive repairs or replacement, often at inopportune times. Efficient pumps, if sized improperly for their installed operating condition, can also increase energy bills and cause damage not only to the pump itself, but also other system components. Our cost‑effective analyses will help you reduce your overall power and maintenance costs and proactively address problems before they cripple the entire system. With the information gathered during these assessments, RH2 can help you: 

  • Recommend targeted improvements to optimize your system's operations

  • Identify fatal pump problems before they occur

  • Assess your equipment's condition without any disassembly

  • Reduce annual energy costs

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