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Pump Station Condition Assessment
Roza Irrigation District

Sunnyside, WA


Irrigation, Electrical, SCADA

The Roza Irrigation District has 19 pump station facilities that provide irrigation water to users throughout their system. Each facility was originally constructed by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation during the 1940s and 1950s. Ownership has been retained by Reclamation; however, operations were transferred to the District in 1961.

Field data was collected for 19 pumps and motors within 4 pumping facilities. The data was used to calculate the energy signature of each field-tested pump, which is a function of several factors, including the efficiency of the mechanical and electrical equipment, suction and discharge pressures, and downstream demands (for enclosed systems). The results of the analyses for the four field-tested facilities was used to estimate the efficiency, power consumption, and potential power savings of the pumps and motors at the District’s other 15 pumping facilities.

RH2 evaluated the costs for upgrading the pumps, motors, and starters at Pump Station 16 and Pump Station 3. Through field testing, these pump stations were designated as the highest priority for mechanical upgrades. Flowserve Corporation (Flowserve) assisted RH2 with pump selection and costs, as Flowserve has acquired Worthington pumps, the manufacturer of the existing volute pumps at both stations.

Four alternatives were considered: 1) replace the existing volute pumps and motor controls in-kind; 2) replace the existing volute pumps with vertical turbine pumps, including new motor controls and one 4,160-volt VFD; 3) replace the existing volute pumps with vertical turbine pumps, including a 4,160-volt VFD for each pump; and 4) replace the existing volute pumps with vertical turbine pumps with a 480 volt VFD for each pump.

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