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Bear Creek Waterline Crossing
City of Central Point

Central Point, WA


Construction, Environmental, Water

This project consisted of the installation of more than 2,500 linear feet of 16-inch waterline to connect of a new reservoir in the City of Central Point. The waterline needed to cross Bear Creek using open trenching methods, requiring numerous environmental permit conditions from state and Federal agencies. RH2 worked side by side with Central Point to ensure that all of the permitting conditions were understood and addressed before, during, and after construction. Conditions included removal of fish from the work area, prevention of sediment (turbidity) from entering the creek downstream of the project, temporary flow bypass, and ongoing site stabilization and restoration. By employing innovative approaches, including using section of upland waterline trench to remove sediment from water pumped out of the work area, the project was able to achieve a zero net increase in creek turbidity downstream of the project site. Work in the creek was easily able to be completed within the required one-week timeframe.

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