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Minnesota Reservoir
Nob Hill Water Association

Yakima, WA


Water, Reservoir, Environmental, Stormwater

The Minnesota Reservoir is an important component of the infrastructure in West Valley, a highly desirable growth area for residential properties in Yakima. The proposed reservoir will replace two existing reservoirs and have a capacity of 1.4 MG. RH2 assisted Nob Hill Water Association with a 30-percent design in advance of applying for a Drinking Water SRF loan. The application was successful and RH2 completed the design, performed the required permitting (stormwater, SEPA/NEPA, DOH Project Report and design review, Conditional Use, and clean air/asbestos) and historic/cultural assessments for a bid opening in July of 2017.

The schedule for the project relied heavily on the demolition of the existing reservoirs together with the reconstruction of the new reservoir between September and May to meet maximum day demands in July and August. RH2 prepared bid-ready plans in place that were completed on time and under budget; only to be told of the Washington State legislature’s inability to pass a capital budget and that without a budget, the project would have to be put on hold.

Ultimately the project was constructed under a less than ideal schedule. RH2 was able to assist Nob Hill Water Association with temporary operating parameters that kept the system going throughout the summer.

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