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On-Call Electrical and SCADA Improvements
City of Lynnwood

Lynnwood, WA


SCADA, Electrical, Water, Wastewater

RH2 has worked with the City of Lynnwood on improving their existing water and wastewater SCADA system since 2013. Lynnwood’s water and wastewater facilities include a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), six sewage pump stations, a stormwater pump station, two reservoirs, a booster pump station, two PRVs, and an intertie. Lynnwood owns and operates a fiber optic network that is used for SCADA communications and upgraded their existing system from 2011 to 2012 to an Allen Bradley based system with a Wonderware Systems Platform HMI. After the SCADA system was installed, Lynnwood staff identified many areas of the system that needed to be improved. RH2 was hired for an on-call contract to perform various improvements to the SCADA system, and assist with technical support and equipment troubleshooting. RH2 has performed dozens of electrical and SCADA on-call tasks to improve Lynnwood’s facilities.

In addition to the on-call tasks performed, Lynnwood hired RH2 for various other SCADA projects, including three new sewage pump station facilities, the replacement of the WWTP incinerator system, and the installation of a screw press system at the WWTP.

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