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Riverside Drive Improvement
City of Wenatchee

Wenatchee, WA


Transportation, Stormwater, Water, Wastewater

The City has been actively planning its waterfront transformation since 1999. The City’s Riverside Drive and Piere Street Improvements project was the key transportation component in the plan and provided critical connectivity between the north and south ends of the waterfront.

Multiple stakeholders had a critical interest in this project, including the Chelan County PUD (which operates the adjacent park), private developers, local residents, adjacent commercial and industrial users, the farmers’ market, the City’s ice rink, the model railroad and the local arts commission. The project was carefully phased and coordinated to accommodate these multiple stakeholder needs and interests.

The new road serves two major, privately planned developments. RH2 worked closely with developers on the road alignment, stormwater collection and treatment systems, and landscaping features to ensure the road was well integrated into existing and planned development through the layout of the roadway and design of parking and access facilities. The improvements included the City’s first roundabout and the use of bioswales, street trees and pervious sidewalk for stormwater treatment. Right-of-way acquisition was a critical component due to the location of the new route through existing industrial and residential areas.

The project was funded by a TIB Grant with significant private partnership participation. Permits included a JARPA and an FERC license amendment.

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