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Erik Howe Promoted to Associate Director

On behalf of the Board of Directors, please join us in congratulating Erik Howe in his promotion to the leadership position of Associate Director. Within this new role, Erik will have the opportunity to guide RH2 towards a future filled with growth and excellence. We look forward to the insights Erik will bring the Board.

Erik's journey with RH2 began in 2006, following nearly six years of valuable experience at WSDOT. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Washington, Erik's expertise in transportation engineering has been a cornerstone of his success. However, his time at RH2 has also exposed him to the diverse world of municipal engineering, broadening his skill set and perspective.

Five years ago, Erik took the reins as the manager of RH2's East Wenatchee office, a pivotal role in the continued success of that branch. Under his leadership, the office has thrived, a testament to his initiative, dedication, and commitment to the team. Erik's approach to management is deeply rooted in RH2's people-oriented culture, inspired by the guidance of mentors who came before him.

Passionate about making a positive impact on the community, Erik cherishes the opportunity to collaborate with highly talented colleagues on a variety of projects. He takes pride in the thoughtfulness and dedication of his team, appreciating the impact that RH2 has on clients and the wider community. Erik loves living in the Wenatchee Valley with his wife and three kids, enjoying the amazing creation.

As Erik embarks on this new chapter as Associate Director, RH2’s Board eagerly anticipates the insights and innovation he will bring to the table. We are confident that Erik's vision and expertise will play a significant role in RH2’s future success and in making a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve. Congratulations, Erik!

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